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Projekt UAV – VTOL  MAGPIE. See all take all.


The company Ing. Frantisek Šustek FLY-FAN already exists 25 years.

Producing all types of aircraft operated by RC (Radio Control) sets , such as mock fully aerobatic aircraft into a standard wingspan of 3.3 m fully aerobatic, which won the Tournament of Champions in all over the EU.

Last year, the company dedicated to the development and production of a new UAV that is increasingly in need of state protection authorities and rescue search as an ingredient for the wounded and stray children and the older people in the forests and the fields and meadows.

The actual model of UAV is now made from wood lightest on the market, it is balsa wood, but can be customized to deliver UAV design and Carbon. It is powered by a completely noiseless powered engine (standard use 2-3 el. motors to increase security failure, just like in the real aircraft, so at a distance 30 m no one hears him.

Fuselage dimensions are made to contract, according to what the customer needs it in carry. Of course we can add Gimbal – stabilize system for the camera to the movement of aircraft in the air, there is no camera movement.

We are able to install a camera with a resolution of 2.5 cm on the ground, as well as UAV can fly at a height of 100 m, where it is invisible but the camera has a 30x zoom !!!

We are able to customer requests to install a FLIR thermal imaging standard equipment for night vision, 8x zoom at night, detection of people at 3000 m, up to 65 mm lens and camera can be installed with the SD card completely clean record without faults video transmission to the base on the ground. Still we can see all on the ground and more for all 3 axes with camera and make zoom.

Searching for persons can be set - follows the terrain and UAVs as of 50 m will copy the terrain built by Google maps to improve the search capability much more.

Before the start UAV your computer demarcate the search area and enter in what distances there and back UAV will fly. 10 seconds after the start switch the pilot on the automatic fly and the other to return to base ensures your computer. The pilot only lands. Whether during the day or at night.

The biggest advantage, never before seen in civilian or military company is that the UAV can take off and land vertically VTOL. (vertical take off and landing).

There is an infinite advantage in difficult to access terrain without grasslands and especially this facility can be exploited on ships that constantly change their position and there they no drone could not land! On the ship can be used only Qudrokoptéry that have limited impact distance, speed and endurance in the air. it is 20 min in the case of weighing up to 20 kg to 40 min flight plus a reserve.

Our UAV airplane has a weight of 9 kg.

Our UAV is started vertically, travel horizontally, cruising horizontally, therefore, the recommended operating speed to 50 km per hour and endurance in the air 60 – 90 minutes plus reserve or to order 90 minutes plus reserve. I repeat always in vertical take-off and landing.

Working speed can be programmed according to customer requirements. Or 125 waypoints.

Our UAV can carry gimbal including payload device from  200 g to 2000 g.

You can increase the flying distance from 25 km to 50 km there and back. You can use this airplane to carry up to 3000 g, with the possibility of a rescue package needed to run the place.

UAV life for the appropriate maintenance it is about 500 h.

Cost per flight hour are therefore from 20 to 80, - EUR.

But already in the first hour may come to saving lives at sea, or in the dense forest.

Or bring the most important information’s from fire forest, or from or from an interesting area .


Your UAV team.


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