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Januar 10. 2016

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Husky A1 is model of american amaterious aeroplane. Itīs for peacefull fly with engines from 10ccm to 35ccm. Model supllies in two versions:

1. Fuselage of aleroplane is made white GFK with pasted in windows, pasted in all ribs in fuselage, include prepared holes for servos. Wings, elevator and ruder are made from balsas ribs covered till spar by balsa, thickness 2mm. At wings, there are prepared holes for servos and at ailerons are pasted in plywoods for screw control horns.

2. As at previous case, but model is covered by white ORACOVER folie.

This is model for very exacting customers.

plan of Husky A1

price of model: from 250,- EUR



2 170 mm ..85,4 inch
1 450 mm ..57,0 inch
4 500 g
10 - 15 ccm


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