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RAVEN 2,45 m


Price of this model Full composite from 1250,- EUR

Our RAVEN pursues the general trend for models with about 2,45 meters wingspan. The demand for such models is growing, because the so called "threemeters" exceed the budget of many modelers. A model of about 2,50 meters wingspan needs less servos, which allows operation with normal battery switches. Smaller engines contribute the the cost cutting. In addition, transport can be achieved with a normal van. The RAVEN is available in Three versions. The standard version features a fibreglass-sandwich fuselage, fibreglass wheel pants, engine cowl and cabin frame, an aluminium undercarriage plus balsa-foam wings and stabilizers. Of course all control surfaces are readily pre-lined and the servo bays are already installed. Wings and stabilizers have been pre-fitted to the fuselage. The average kit weight of just below 5kg allows for a take-off weight below 10kg.

The "Competition" version is earmarked for those modellers, who are very particular about weight. Fuselage, canopy frame, cowl, wheel pants and main undercarriage are being produced in vacuum-technolgy from fibreglass, carbon, Kevlar and Herex. Wings and stabilizers features the same level of pre-fabrication as the standard version. This kit (weight approx. 4.500 gr.) allows easily matching of the weight restrictions of the F3A-X-class. The kit is accompanied by a carbon prop spinner.

Geometry of RAVEN 2,45 meter



RAVEN 3,15 m

                                                             Price of this model 1800,- EUR

This model is full scale sizes, beautiful and powerful, white GFK fuselage with all details and nice big cabine. The model excellently commemorate his acrobatic design, not only with his design, but also with his air characteristic. As a midwing has got full excellent air characteristics. Wings are made by strong styrofoam covered by 2mm balsa wood, conform to fuselage with 50 mm carbon tube. Elevator is absolutely the same construction and production. Rudder is ready and polish.

RAVEN test in German Magazin MODELLE


instalation of main leanding gear

instalation of main leanding gear 2

set of main leanding gear



Raven 3,15



Raven 2,45 m




2 450 mm ..96,5 inch
2 190 mm ..86,2 inch
9 kg - 10 kg
80 ccm - 100 ccm


Raven 3,15 m



3 150 mm ..125 inch
2 830 mm ..111,4 inch
18 - 22 kg
150 ccm up 210 ccm

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